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Pickleball ARTwear, by Rachael Chatoor and PicKleTEL records.

I do have a blog that I've been writing on and off since I started performing. It's called rachaelpachelwasmyname. Please do feel free to visit it, you'll need to scroll back to find the music. I've made this little parking spot for my brand because there is a LOT going on and this can simplify things or at least clarify why I made this explainer site. After a mild meltdown over another pickleball company adding "Pickleball Artwear" to their "new" website and tag lines last January, I decided to take down my rants and let them just be. Be the sort of people who report history incorrectly, knowing that history tells the story in many places officially (like at the Washington State Legislature) despite whomever disregards it, so I will just keep moving forward with creating and sharing the truth, so that people can see for themselves what the truth is. That's the beautiful thing about crummy things happening, you can either let it bum you out, or you let it motivate you. I'm a let it motivate me kinda girl. In an effort to right history I've gone and told history the best way I know how, with art and music. My image of Pickles the first dog of pickleball is one of my favorite images particularly because it is currently the only dog representation of Pickles that is historically correct and despite what some people or companies will say, the game was not named after Pickles the dog. The dog was named after the game. So with that noted, I'll be living by the mantra "you do you, and I'll do me". And to their pro ambassadors who are sharing incorrect history ofr yourself or for them simply by your sparkly association, sadly I lost interest in correcting you but also in being your fan or following you or anything you support or own. And I was a FAN...... Yes, I know you don't care about me, but I've brought a lot of my friends along to become interested in your area of the sport, which are areas most rec players don't bother tuning in to, I was leading my friends directly to you. I'll do that less now. My friends find me tedious about it anyhow. Back to hanging with regular pickleballers and the handful of absolute gems who collab with me.

Finally, welcome to the Pickleball ARTwear blog. I've been using the name Pickleball ARTwear for a long time, two years longer than the other guy.... I've published two books with that name in it, (update; three since starting the blog) and all of these clothes (and more of course) have the brand name on them and on the tag. If you see a dog that is not a black cockerpoo, that's not the real first dog of Pickleball and I'm just telling you because they won't.

Pickleball artwear image of Pickles as well as the image of Pickles the dog from the Bain Bridge Island Museum
Pickles the dog, born in 1968 (3 years after pickleball was invented).

Rachael Chatoor, Artist for Pickleball ARTwear

Image of Pickles the dog sitting on a margarita, with lyrics to pickleball again by Rachael Chatoor , a pickleball parody..
Lyrics to Pickleball AGAIN ( sing along to Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett)

Sing along to my pickleball parody to the tune of Jimmy Buffett's legendary song #Margaritaville. Inspired by my Pickles the dog sitting in a #pickleball rimmed paddle #margarita artwork. (All my art is made with teeny, tiny pickleball paddles, look close)

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 Who was the REAL first dog of Pickleball? And who was the first artist to use Pickleball ARTwear? All the tea is served up in blog post number one. 

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