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Hello dinkers!

You have found the home and blog of Pickleball ARTwear, PickleTEL parodies and Greedy little dinker.  (Im also actively on FB/INsta) Hang around and  you will find obsessively pickleball focused art, pickleball patterns, pickleball music, pickleball children stories and whatever else I come up with, as the pickleball rolls!  Ready to start hunting for the perfect item immediately? Hit the button for my linktree. 


Meet the artist  behind the posts

Musican, singer, author artist and pickleball fanatic.I was a touring musician/performer until my hubby and I discovered pickleball.Now I play music closer to home (or in my home for 'in the name of good fun'  PickleTel pickleball parody videos).My artwork is for the pickleball lover who loves a bit of a secret, you see my dinosaur, lizard, van, jeep, margarita, dog, horse, butterfly, flamingo and well..... basically every art print in my Pickleball ARTwear shop-fronts? They  are  made with tiny images of pickleballs and pickleball paddles instead of brush strokes. Sometimes in the thousands. So it's subtle while still screaming pickleball (you just don't know it until you know it)! How fun!

I wrote a book called P is for Pickles (the first dog of Pickleball) and ABC book of Pickleball ARTwear art, from which you can not only examine the pictures and count all the paddles and pickleballs, but you can choose the images you love and have them printed onto anything from sweat towels to coffee mugs (or hoodies and onesies.) Shortly after that book was published (my 3rd, also see Where are the pickles in Pickleball? and Pickleball Sing - Alongs (with art and memes)), I picked up a paint brush again (formerly painted guitars and music themes while performing) but decided that painting is too messy to do on the regular so asked hubby for an apple pencil and the rest is history. 

If you are looking for teamwear, either mixed or doubles or designs for your pickleball tournaments, I can custom create unique pickleball art for you or your pickleball club. I'm getting pretty busy though so do plan ahead.

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