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Who wore it better, me or my children's pickleball book?

Another batch of pickleball artwear has arrived and this time it's a lot of goodies that will help me match my book. Why? Because these items paired with the book make amazing gift ideas.

Image of a dog with a pickleball in it's mouth
P is for Pickles the first dog of pickleball book with matching tank top.

M is for mermaid in P is for Pickles and matching t shirt.
Pickleball mermaid art shirt and matching book

And of course nearly all of the images in my book can be ordered onto wearable or useful items. :) Here is a pickleball mermaid made from paddles, sitting on a paddle rock in a paddle sea with paddle fish under a pickleball sun.


rachael soloooo.jpg

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 Who was the REAL first dog of Pickleball? And who was the first artist to use Pickleball ARTwear? All the tea is served up in blog post number one. 

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