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Where do you get unique Pickleball Gifts? (unique pickleball ARTwear)

You can order my images to be printed on clothing and gifts from a few places, I have an Artist shop at Threadless, my Pickleball ARTwear is part of the Artisan program at TEE Public, and I have an Artist page at Society 6, where there is also my GUITARious images available. None of these are my own business sites (meaning I don't make or print the clothes and ship them myself) but my images are licensed to be used to each of them, so you can custom order anything you like via their Print on Demand format. Just make sure you are looking at MY shop or products when you navigate as some shops will lure you away to the hundreds of thousands of other artists on the platform. (and hey do please go look at the other artists and support them anytime, just don't lose me in the process) What is pickleball artwear art? Instead of paint or brush strokes I use digital images of pickleball paddles and pickleballs to create my images. So it's an image within an image. Sometimes it's even an image within an image within an image. (say that fast three times). You can see the process in the is explianer video here: If you prefer hand drawn art go see my Greedy Little Dinker Line |Everything from Beach Towels to stickers. What about mugs or notebooks? Look for the secret pickleball or paddle images in all my designs.


Find these here in my TEE Public:  My Pickleball ARTwear by Rachael Chatoor store!

a long sleeve shirt with the word pickleball on it
Pickleball Rainbow by Pickleball ARTwear

Also here in my THREADLESS artist shop:

All over print shirts you can find at Rachael Chatoor artist stores
ALL over print T shirts by Pickleball ARTwear

On some sites you stay on my page by using the side bar to navigate products! :) On Society 6 especially you have to be vigilant because they send you to other artists quickly (so does Tee Public as well to be honest) So always check who the artist is and ALWAYS check the size charts!! Also if you have kids or grandkids then I have a childrens pickleball story called Where are the pickles in Pickleball? Check it out on Amazon or any online retailer! I also have lined notebooks. This one has a bouncing pickleball when you flip the pages.



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 Who was the REAL first dog of Pickleball? And who was the first artist to use Pickleball ARTwear? All the tea is served up in blog post number one. 

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