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Pickleball tornado makes pickleball tears, so be a candle, make sense?

Of course it doesn't but it does, there is much art bursting to come out and this describes the latest flow. I'm kinda focusing on the Threadless Artist shop right now since you can't get lost there. It's the first link on my LInkTree. It doesn't have furniture though so I'm sad, the Society 6 portal has furniture but it's so easy to lose you there because they send you off to other artists rather quickly. And really. who is buying furniture anyhow? Pickleball venues? Yeah they might totally love my patterns on furniture, perhaps I will custom create them for them when they find me. SO that's how I wound up focusing on Threadless and on that note here are a few more images for you to enjoy! This is my pickleball tornado, followed by a Pickleball eye crying pickleball tears, and a Pickleball candle with an important message: be a candle/defy darkness/give light. Find all these are more in my Threadless shop PIckleball ARTwear by Rachael Chatoor


rachael soloooo.jpg

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 Who was the REAL first dog of Pickleball? And who was the first artist to use Pickleball ARTwear? All the tea is served up in blog post number one. 

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