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P is for pickles! (the first dog of pickleball) an ABC book

I've released an art book of all my pickleball art and compiled that art into an A-Z book featuring my original, pickleball paddle artwork and sing along parodies. Much like the book’s cover-dog Pickles, every image you will see in this artsy ABC book, is part of the Pickleball ARTwear collection of original pickleball paddle and pickleball art (art created using tiny images of pickleball paddles or pickleballs). Now you can count up close, just how many hundreds or maybe thousands of paddles or pickleballs it takes to make a dinkasaur (that’s a dinking dinosaur) a pickleball van, or even the dog named Pickles. Some of the images are simple and some are so complicated it will surprise you, but one thing is for sure, every one of them is ALL pickleball. While this book is created to share the artwork more than it is to explain the alphabet, I’ve tried my best to represent all the letters effectively and I admit I took liberties with the cover letter, P. I mean, D for Dog would have worked very effectively for my image of Pickles, but this dog’s photo was found in the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, (Birthplace of pickleball) so she is much more than just a D for dog. The QR codes will lead you to videos on how these are made and also a few pickleball parodies in there to enjoy! Find it on Amazon!

Pickleball childrens book  the abc's of Pickleball ARTwear
Cover of P is for Pickles book

Pickleball  childrens book P is for Pickles back cover
back cover of P is for Pickles with LOVE on it


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 Who was the REAL first dog of Pickleball? And who was the first artist to use Pickleball ARTwear? All the tea is served up in blog post number one. 

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