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Pickleball Songs, pickleball parodies (by PicKleTEL, an imaginary record company).

So I've been making up these pickleball parodies for a few years now (my first sing- along book is on Amazon) and usually I just create these ditty's and then leave them on the web and share them around a bit. I should really re-do a bunch of them to fix the 'reality notes' but also, these are basically one take wonders and they are intended to have reality in them. I get a take or two and then just whip what I can, together. I am not nor do I profess to be a filmmaker nor a recording studio, this is obvious. (Plus I know because I've been there.) Im just not in the business of making social media harder for myself with more takes and the strive for perfection. People can use AI for that. I prefer the raw edges that an artist leaves. Anyhow every once in a while I will sneak a pickleball parody song or even just a chorus into a set at work, just to see if people notice, OR, if someone is talking pickleball to me like they did at the opening of Ladner Village Market last Sunday (especially a market where people are passing and less likely to be paying much attention to the words I'm singing), I will play a few punnys in a row just to see who gets a laugh. It generally pays off. The Below video is longer and more tedious as it tracks all 5 minutes of these dittys. If you want a short BURST CLICK THIS: Mini clips of a few of my Pickleball song parodies (PicKleTEL) find me at ( to go to my You TUBE shorts where you can get a taste in a minute.

I do get away with a lot at the markets, they are a complete antithesis to gigs such as a Rock Festival, Theatre show or Hockey Arena (which are highly time regulated). When I played with my former band at Rogers arena for the NHL game in 2020 we were regulated down to literally the second because we had to fit in exactly with Hockey Night in Canada's commercial air times, which meant re-learning the same tunes we sang every night in a pared down version, complicated especially since we were under pressure of television crews and an arena full of audience and...oh yeah no, as always I digress....

singer of pickleball songs, with her band on jumbo tron at arena
at Rogers arena NHL game

So back at the market last Sunday, I only wish I had prepped the songs more and or recorded more of them. Next time I'll plan it and get a good take but for now I've decided to serve it up "kitchen party" style.

photo of a very busy ladner market
Ladner Village Market

Speaking of kitchen parties let me not just tell you but show you how fun it can be when a group of pickle ballers get together and are faced with a song sheet full of pickleball parodies. At our pickleball dinners during the holidays last season I brought my guitar and some song sheets along and this is how it turned out.

All right, enjoy all that and hang around to see if we can create any more magic every time we find all the right ingredients.


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