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Introducing; "greedy little dinker" (now we have another place to play pickleball artwear)

So I've made enough pickleball paddle images to fill a children's book now, plus a matching Tshirt/clothing line which sits in various artist portals at print on demand companies (so that you can customize gifts with images from the book). I still have a HUGE inventory of paddle art in my files to last me through the next stage of my art vision ( you'll see glimpses of it in the video). So with that said I think I'm ready to move on with my art. I did a painting and found that really messy, so not sure I will spend a LOT of time painting. Maybe when I see something I want to make, I'll dig the stuff out again.Which means yes, it was time to pick up my next weapon, a pencil. The Apple pencil my hubby told me to get for myself, finally got some screen action and a new branch of Pickleball ARTwear has been born. Say Hello to Greedy Little Dinker

PS: WHEN YOU GO TO MY ARTIST shops at various printing PORTALS you do NOT have to sign up for the emails if you don't want to. Those emails come from the manufacturer and they are endless. If you want emails from me, sign up here on my website or go hang at my facebook page. (I hardly ever send out emails by the way)

pickleball art by pickleball artwear
greedy little pickleballer

As a side note that I am putting near the forefront, I was extra careful all the time I've been creating this art not to post it, not to let it slip, and I waited until I was really ready to meticulously upload enough of a line to introduce the concepts that are coming. Meanwhile I googled and searched and found NO ONE using "greedy little dinker" with pickleball or even by itself, anywhere, not Etsy, not Amazon, not Google, I've left time stamped photos on my facebook page already as proof. The closest was reference to any other sites using 'little dink' and the word GREEDY was slashed out, so, try as I might to find anyone using my weirdly perfect 3 words together, I couldn't, which means that anyone who comes up with it now, is blatantly you know what-ing... also, I am pre responding to anyone who thinks about switching it up, please enjoy my GRITTY little dinker graffiti artwork, if you going to tread close to my line I'm posting it first to show I already thought about it. On that note I think about a lot of things. Including unity between countries. Some of us love both places and are happy to show it when we travel. This is my concept for teamwear. I can use my paddle art along with my Apple pencil drawings to create the look you want. Want me to do you some custom wear? Sure. It takes time and I'm super busy in the summer with music but I will work on projects. Have I already approached you about a collab and you ghosted me? I just got really expensive for you. Anyhow, cheers! Love and stuff, be nice to everyone but also, stand up for yourself.

You can find this video on my socials or YT here


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 Who was the REAL first dog of Pickleball? And who was the first artist to use Pickleball ARTwear? All the tea is served up in blog post number one. 

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